Sunday, 27 March 2011

Whisky -Distilleries Tasting Sessions: WDTS

On one side the producers of whisky (distilleries, independent bottlers, importers,...) on the other enthusiasts amateurs and in between, a website and a forum. These are the ingredients of this new project initiated by the site

A harmonious collaboration between these three parties should lead to a collection of honest tasting notes to the first benefit of the whisky consumers in search of information about what bottle they will buy next, for retailers who can guide orders and adjust their stocks according the public taste, and finally for producers who receive direct feedback from whisky fans.

The team of tasters is composed of active members of forum associated with the site. All are whisky lovers, but they have different experience levels. On a panel of twenty tasters, all tastes are represented. Some like fruity whiskies, others have a strong preference for peat, more for sherry, etc.. The set is fairly representative of the passionate public taste.

How are those WDTS sessions organized?

The principle is that the whisky producers who want to see their production reviewed by our team of tast

ers distributed to the 4 corners of France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands sent a bottle of their choice.

Once 6 bottles are brought together, these bottles are transferred into vials of a few cl and shipped home to the tasters. They then produce their tasting notes and assign a rating on a scale of 100 to each whisky tasted. In addition, they score more vague, something like excellent, very good, good, mediocre or bad, to overcome the shortcomings of a rating, where each uses a bit its own value. It is not a scientific exercise, but the operation is meant to express their preferences for a whisky to another.

After 3 to 4 weeks, all notes are centralized and published on the site. Besides tasting notes some other data are also published:

  • an average of the ratings
  • by whisky, the lowest rating and highest (that is where we see the diverse tastes of participants)
  • the difference between the lowest rating and highest (the higher the difference, the lower the whisky is consensual)
  • the personal hit parade of each taster, and some elements of their profile (average the points awarded, etc. ...)

This project has just begun. We have so far received 6 bottles and the top 3 is on the front page of the site. A test session has been conducted before the first session. The principle was exactly the same, except that we ourselves have purchased the bottles for the first time. In the following weeks, the second session will be also published.

Here is the address where you can see the results: