Sunday, 20 July 2008

When distilleries select Single Casks: Glenfiddich

Glenfiddich does not want to be absent of the market of high quality Single Cask bottlings, and they will market their new "Vintage Reserve" at the end of the summer.
The selection has been made by a panel of whisky specialists. Two whisky writers (Walter Schober and Erkin Touzmohamedov) and two head chefs of restaurants in London and New York (Gavin Smith and Jim Bradley). The selected bottling will be presented by the brand ambassadors from begin September and will be sold in the best whisky shops from the begin of the automn.
The selection is based on a pre-selection made by the master blender and his assistent: David Stuart and Brian Kinsman. They selected 6 sherry casks, 3 from 1975 and 3 from 1977.

Pictures have been made during this selection. Just click here to see them.

3 films are also avaibable: