Sunday, 1 June 2008

Tasting some new bottlings for Dutch market

I just received some samples of new bottlings for the Dutch market. Independent bottlings from Duncan Taylor and Gordon & MacPhail for Van Wees.

Duncan Taylor

Glen Grant 1969-2008

Such a spicy nose is rather unusual. Sherry hints, lots of pepper, some wood, a touch of liquorice and ripe fruit announcing a great whisky.
In the palate, the first impression is some clear acid bitterness, hints of yeast and wood developing slowly on better balance. The first sip is quite deceiving, but fortunately develops well.
The finish is very long, nicely balanced between the memories of the fruit and those of the wood. Nicer than the mouth was.
Nose and finish are excellent, palate is just good.

Gordon & MacPhail (Reserve collection)

Highland Park 1997-2008

Quite a strange nose, dominated by hints of yeast trying to hide some floral smells giving this whisky a clear undergrowth smell.
The palate is relatively more interesting, despite its rather woody taste and its discrete notes of cough drop. A clear presence of alcohol and some fruity notes.
The finish is long and warm. This finish is clearly better than the mouth. Just a pity it is impossible to enjoy the finish without having to get the whisky in the mouth.

Tamdhu 1973-2008

Quite a spicy nose with pleasant hints of malt and a touch of smoke. Interesting nose, but not transcendent.
The palate is very pleasantly complex, developing gently on sherry notes mixed wit nutty hints. Nice notes of slightly acid red fruit (red currant) are present too.
The finish is lingering and warm, marked by notes of ripe fruit and very nice nutty memories.

Rosebank 1991-2008

A typical Lowlands freshness, cut grass and ripe fruits (pear, banana), mentholated notes.
In the palate, a mix of sugared smoothness and citrus acidity, between tangerine and lemon. Very nice complexity and superb development from citrus fruit to much smoother yellow fruits.
The finish is rather long and very fresh with slightly mentholated hints and the fruity notes remain

Glenturret 1998-2008

An unpleasant smell of yeast or powdered insecticide dominates the first nose. And this nose does not develop a lot even if some discrete fruit touches appear after a while.
The mouth is just a combination of yeast and fruit.
The finish is long and warm and still haunted by this yeasty impression and reveals the oily character of this whisky, which was not obvious in the palate.

Benromach 2000-2008

A pleasant mix of peat and smoke combined with some animal hints announce a nice dram.
A beautiful oily peat characterises the palate which is quite pleasant even if not really complex. The high percentage of alcohol does not hinder.
The finish remains very oily and is quite long, prolonging perfectly the nose and mouth impressions.

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