Sunday, 7 October 2007

SSMWS Awards 2007

The SSMWS (Scotch Single Malt Whisky Society) awards yearly a whisky retailer and a restaurant owner for their successful efforts to promote Scotch whisky. The jury who is in charge of designating the winners is made up of representatives of the great whisky concerns (Diageo, Pernod-Ricard, LVMH, ...) and of the greatest Dutch importers (Maxxium, etc...)
The winners of the 2007 award are Aad van Zuylen in the category retailers and for the restaurants categroy, J.W.G. Warmenhoven, who is the owner of the hotel Zee en Duin in Katwijk.
The hotel Zee en Duin is kept by a whisky passionate who organizes regularly single malt tastings (once a month).
Aad van Zuylen is a retailer in a popular area in The Hague. He has specialized his shop in the independent bottlers and offers a vast choice of about 1000 bottles to his customers. He clearly choose to price his whisky as low as possible, by reducing his profit margin. His competence in whisky matters has made the reputation of his shop far beyond the frontiers of the town... Quite a close collaboration with the website contributed to his success story. This collaboration has been mentioned by the president of the SSMWS, Ger Kleinjan during the award ceremony. The term collaboration is probably not the most appropriated one. In reality, Aad van Zuylen has such an offer in his shop that is is very easy for me to buy special and high quality whiskies, and he uses to translate my own tasting note on his website. A kind of symbiosis was born and regular exchanges of ideas and information are beneficial for both of us.
That' s why I was invited to this award ceremony. Both winning candidates really deserve this aware.
It was quite a nice ceremony in a very pleasant atmosphere.
Ad de Koning, a real monument in the world of whisky in Holland chaired the ceremony and earlier winners were present as well, like the owner of the restaurant De Koebrug in Stavoren in the extreme North of the Netherlands.
A main ingredient in the success of a mini festival....

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