Saturday, 6 October 2007

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It's been a long time since new messages have been published on this blog. This does of course not mean that nothing happened on the site associated with this blog... quite the reverse!
Of course the holiday period was less active (even if in my own case it has been somewhat eventful, because of my first car crash in more than 30 years. Fortunately, no serious consequences for the people in both cars...). But immediately after the holidays, we organized together with my whisky retailer an important whisky tasting in the oldest church of The Hague, Netherlands. A detailed report is to be published soon.
Beside this event, some important enhancement took place on the site.

Performances under Microsoft Internet Explorer
Since a long time, the performances of the site were very poor. Navigation under IE is now more than acceptable. The error has been located and the problems are all solved.

The forum
Another significant enhancement concerns the forum which had become a victim of completely unscrupulous spammers, just like all the popular forums... More than 20 suspicious new members a day. When I came back from my holiday, I had to suppress more than 300 of them. I decided to upgrade the forum to the newest version of PhpBB, which immediately solved the problem. For how long...? But this migration was also full of surprises and disappointments and after a few days it was finaly working correctly. This migration cost me some time, but the result is very good. An userfriendlier forum and no spammer at all since then...
By the way, the forum is the most active one about whisky in French. Should some people like to have an English forum directly linked to the site, please let me know. I is rather easy to set up a second forum.

Maps of whisky production areas
Last but not least, the site is now significantly enhanced with the new production areas maps specially developed for by a specialist.
Beside the general map of Scotland, Jean-Louis Bertocchio realized a special map for each of the production areas, with the localization of each individual distillery.
Putting those maps online after having added all the necessary links to the related pages on the site took me a great deal of the remaining time.
That's why this blog seemed to be abandoned during the last weeks.
Things will from now become normal again, and this blog will be regularly fed again.
I am actually so satisfied of the new maps of Scotland and the production areas on the site that I would like to add some links here, just to invite you to take a look on them.

Northern Highlands
Central Highlands

And if you liked this maps just like I did, please have a look on all of them. There is one per area.

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