Saturday, 26 May 2007

New make spirit: after Bladnoch, Speyside

After the comment about the sample of new make spirit from Bladnoch here are my impressions about the Speyside new make spirit. Speyside is a distillery situated in the Central Highlands for some whisky writers, but the owners claim it belongs to the Speyside area. And in fact who could honestly say it is not...? It is settled on the banks of the river Spey, and it is even the closest distillery from the source of the mythic river... For more information about the distillery, please have a look on site.

The smell of the new make spirit of Speyside is amazingly close to the one of Bladnoch tasted before. The percentage of alcohol is close too, as this spirit is 70.7% vol. Quite normal, as distilleries respect some standards processes. One of those is the degree of alcohol of the spirit coming out of the still. This percentage is an important factor for the further development of the spirit in the cask.

The nose of this very young Speyside is very sweet, exactly as the Bladnoch at the same age. It presents however some differences, like this peppery notes I did not find at Bladnoch. But apart this spicy hints, the same general impression dominates. Wash smells are prominent. But at least one distillery visit is required to understand this pervasive smell.

Bladnoch was as flavoured as Speyside seems to be spicy. Some nuances which will be found later when the whisky will end its aging.
The palate too is quite close to the Bladnoch mouth. May be just a little more complex. Anyway here as well the degree of alcohol does not hinder the tasting at all. Clear malt domination, with an embryo of more complex tastes which will develop to become an nice whisky when it will be mature.

Here also, the finish is rather insignificant, but the sugared taste of malt remains in the mouth for long minutes. But again, no possible comparison with what will emerge from the cask within ten years...

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