Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Another Jack Wieber's Glen Keith

The 33 years old version of Glen Keith from Jack Wieber was a very nice bottle. Unfortunately, not available anymore, at least in Holland where I live. This gave me the idea to try another version I could find: the 35 years old version, in the series "Cross Hill", distilled in 1971.
This was a good idea again!

Again, just pleasure. Not that Glen Keith is such a renowned distillery. But again, this bottling is another very great whisky:
  • If you have ever looked for a real sherry monster, you should give this one a try. Woah, what an incredible sherry nose. But there is much more. Nice complexity. Sherry mixed with dry fruit, plum, discrete wood, some coffee, lots of pleasure.
  • The first mouth is rather bitter, clearly marked by sherry too, before developing on coffee and woody notes and than back to sherry again. Lots of character. An absolute must have for sherry amateurs.
  • Would you believe it? The finish is also marked by sherry with nice discrete woody notes. It is lingering and extremely pleasant. Another fabulous whisky.
This bottle deserves a 19/20. It is simply marvelous. Thanks again Herr Wieber.

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