Sunday, 29 April 2007

Jack Wieber's Glen Keith, 33 y.o.

Here comes the first tasting notes of a Jack Wieber's whisky. A nice cask strength bottled at 51.9% of alcohol, after having stayed for 33 years in a cask.

Glen Keith
The Old Train Line

  • The nose is deeply marked by sherry, delightful and voluptuous. An impression of "Baba-au-Rhum", but with sherry. No aggressivity at all, no bitter woody hints as it could have been expected for a whisky of that age.
  • The mouth is slightly bitter, nutty notes quickly covered by cereal hints and nice fruity notes too. Refined sherry, great palate!
  • The finish is lingering and very pleasant, perfectly prolonging the mouth and the nose.
A real impression of full happiness. After such a dram, nothing bad can happen in your life, except to hear this bottle is not on sale anymore... Despite this cruel deception, it really deserves a 19/20.
Congratulations, Herr Wieber!

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