Sunday, 29 April 2007

About this blog...

It is sometimes difficult to express momentary impressions on a website. Specially if the website just wants to be as impartial as possible. This is the case of my website, In addition, the site requires an immediate translation (as it is in both French and English) and is not interactive. I consider it as a kind of (very modest) encyclopedia rather than a place where everybody can read articles and give an instant reaction.
Behind the objective information I can gather and reflect on my site, there are sometimes things I'd like to express, reflecting only my own vision. And therefore, the site is not the right place neither.
That's why I created this blog (a few weeks ago, I already created a Frenchspeaking blog just for the same reasons.
Further, writing the newsletter takes me very much time, and time is a very precious thing. I'd like to replace gradually the newsletter (even if more than 800 people have already subscribed) by the blog, where everybody is free to subscribe to the RSS feed, and so to get immediately informed in case of new messages.
I guess this can favourably replace the newsletter. There will be some short tasting notes (specially of received samples) on this blog, but also general articles about the whisky world. Just like in the newsletter, and just like on the French blog. This does not mean that all topics will be systematically translated. Sometimes, they will just exist in English, and other times only in French, even if the idea is to have most of them in both languages.

To subscribe from now on this new blog, just click on the button and follow instructions.

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